Real - Katy Evans Okay, I don't think I could hate and love this story more. I couldn't stop reading it, but mostly because of the anticipation. I kept waiting for.... something. And waiting and waiting. And by the end that something still hadn't happened, or maybe it just didn't happen the way I thought it would. But (and this is not all that uncommon for me since my preference is fantasy and I think everyone is a mythical creature) the absolute entire book I kept waiting for him to turn into a werewolf! I mean, all the signs were there, every single one. I kept thinking okay, this is it, and then nothing. And since he didn't turn into a werewolf it just made him look demented. It was too much to be considered sexy. More than anything though, I really, really didn't like the over the top godly way Brooke viewed Remy. It was way, way, way too much. I get it, he's hot and sexy and rich and famous, but give me a fuckin break!!!!! Honestly after the first few chapters, I was ready to quit because my gag reflex was so out of control I didn't think I could take anymore. I mean, she was a professional athlete, she's beautiful, smart, has everything going for her. I understand that he's gorgeous and everything, but get real!

Overall I really enjoyed it though. When you start reading it makes you feel like your in for a treat. It's definitely not a slow starter. You should definitely read it.


After my not so stellar review that did not at all reflect my 4 stars, I felt the need to explain. This is why I prefer to wait a few days before I write a review, emotions are high and I completely overlook the big picture. I loved the book. 4 stars for me is very high since I rarely give 5 stars and usually give 3 stars for books I enjoyed. So anyway, my point is, don't listen to all the crap I wrote first. I was pissed off and annoyed and had just finished reading the book in one sitting because yes, it's that good and focused on all of the shit I wrote on top. Read it and find out for yourself.