Lover at Last - J.R. Ward At Last!!!! I have been waiting for this book forever. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Qhuinn and Blay. I didn't buy it since I'm quitting HER, so I had to wait for it from the library, and the wait was killing me! But I wasn't going to make the same mistake I made with her last 2 books.

OMG!!! I'm not going to lie and say it was exactly as good as I wanted it to be, but I am just soooo glad it's over. I liked that she didn't throw them together right away, but I would have liked for her to wrap it up a lot sooner than the very end. Having said that, who gives a shit! I finally read it and that's all that matters. It was also a little annoying the number of side stories that were going on, and although some caught my interest I refuse to give in. It's so much to remember and, when I don't really care yet, it just gets in my way. Less than half of the book was actually about Qhuinn and Blay which I think is ridiculous. I would rather have shorter books released more often than these monstrous books about everyone and their mama. But thats just me.

Anyway.... If you love Qhuinn and Blay half as much as I do, you should definitely read the book.