Last Kiss Goodnight  - Gena Showalter Here goes... While there seems to be a lot of negative reviews about this book, and mine is not going to be all that positive, I still highly recommend this book. I'm hoping this was a once in a lifetime kind of thing. A lapse in judgement. A temporary condition that impared the left side of her brain. Her muse on vacation. A brain fart. Just, anything temporary.

I am a HUGE fan of GS. HUGE! While I love some books more than others, I don't dislike any, and I don't dislike this one. It's just... I feel (long thoughtful moment) a little cheated. It was missing everything that makes her better than most authors in her genre. Where's the sex!!! Where's the humor and the sarcasm and the wit that ususally covers every page of her books!!! I want it damn it!!! I neeeeeed it!!! It's the reason I devour her books over and over. I think this should have been released as a YA book. It was very PG13, which is not a bad thing but I would have liked to know it in advance because while I read some YA, I am very selective, more so when it comes to purchasing them. I have some other issues with the book, but nothing she does can be bad. From another author as a YA book my rating and review would have been different. But she's not another author. She's Gena Showalter, she has made my expectations of her something more.

With that said, read the book. Don't give up on her! She has given us many, many wonderful books, and honestly people, she can't be an absolute genious all the time. I forget sometimes too, but she is human you know (right??). Yes, yes she is, I'm almost positive. Anyway, suck it up and get ready for Beauty Awakened 2/26. It's going to be everything she has made us come to expect of her and we are going to pretend this never happened. Understand!!! Good :)