Reflected in You  - Sylvia Day So.... I'm really torn about my review. I couldn't put down this book and so I really wanted to give it 5 stars just for that, but found it so unsatisfying I also wanted to give it 2, so I settled for 3.

I preordered this book a while ago because I LOVED Bared To You. I read this one yesterday and decided I should sleep on it before I wrote my review. I really, really love the series. But...God Eva gets on my nerves!!!! I had a problem with her in the first book, not because she's needy or clingy or insecure to an extreme, I can deal with all of those. I didn't even mind that she was such a drama queen. What bothered me to the point of almost disliking her is that she never used those opportunities to make a point and instead stopped mid argument to have sex. WHO DOES THAT!!! You have sex after you point out how your right and he's wrong and he agrees and not a second before!!!!!!!! In Reflected In You it's a million times worst, there is NEVER any resolution to their arguments. I also didn't like that Gideon is the only one who knows what's going on in this book, and he's not telling. I had no idea what the hell was going on with Gideon the entire book which drove me insane. I LOVE Gideon, even if he was an ass in this book but he didn't bother me as much as Eva putting up with his shit.

I know this sounds like a very negative review and I'm sorry, I'm just venting. I actually think it's a must read because I still have high hopes for the final book coming out December 31 - ENTWINED WITH YOU.