Lover Reborn - J R Ward Lover Reborn

I'm undecided as to whether or not I actually liked this book, or if my expectations for it were so low and that's the reason I liked it. Because let's be real, I wasn't interested in reading about Tohr yet. I thought it was too soon for him and I really wanted to read about Qhuinn and Blay not anyone else. Either way, I was satisfied with the story. Was I in love with it? NO. I didn't feel that bond between Thor and No One. It felt very superficial and at the end I didn't really want them to end up together. It felt more like a "live and learn" than "I can't live without you". But all in all, regardless of my feelings about Thors story being a little premature and what I would have liked their story to be, it was a good read and at no point did I feel like I didn't want to finish the book. The best part of this book? I'm one step closer to Qhuinn and Blay!!!!