I discovered the magic of books in my childhood, only to replace them with the magic of boys in my teens ;) After years of trying to achieve my very own real life fairytale I decided real life can kiss my ass and went back to books and never looked back. Now I am a self-proclaimed bibliophilic (have the tattoo) and couldn't be happier.

Blush - Lauren Jameson What??? It was just stupid. What a fuckin mess!!! Don't bother reading it.
Darkness Avenged - Alexandra Ivy My least favorite of the series but still a good book. I think my main issue with the book was that I have been reading about them in other books for way too long and lost interest. I was also really, really disappointed with Nefri. I mean, here you have one of the oldest, most powerful creatures in the world and she was the biggest bore ever written in this series! How is that possible?! Santiago is great, love him, but he still couldn't make up for the fact that his heroin was lacking, big-time. Another issue for me was that none of the previous characters make an appearance in this book except for Styxx and Viper (for a microsecond). What's up with that?!

For me, the only thing that saved this book and made it possible for me to actually finish it (yes, it was that boring), was the side story of Roke and Sally. It kept me going when all I wanted to do was put the book down for good. I can't wait for the next book!!!
Tangled - Emma Chase So, I have no idea WTF is going on with me these past few weeks, but I am apparently incapable of writing a good review. I know what you're thinking, I can't really do anything if the books suck, right? I know that's what I thought too, but now I'm starting to have doubts. At this point I just want to let anyone reading this (or any of my other [recent] shitty reviews)know that I'm writing this for myself and not as a reference for anyone else since I obviously refuse to go with the flow and rate these books in the way 99% of readers are rating them. I'm not usually so critical. Most of the time I'm just happy to have something new to read, but lately I just can't catch a break.

This book was decent. It's a nice change to have it told from Drews pov, but..... my God men are idiots! Duh, I've know this my entire life, so it's no wonder I found this book to be a little too much. As much as I like Drew, and I do, I just don't want to be in a guys head for that long. I was also unable to fully commit to them>>>>>> OMG, I just had a WOW moment!!! Here is what kept this book from being so much better. You know how sometimes (most of the time) when someone is telling you about something that happened to them you zone out throughout the story because really, who gives a shit, just get to the point right?! Well this is how this felt to me. I just couldn't really get into it. For me the retelling took away some of the emotion. But again, WTH do I know. Look at the ratings, obviously everyone else disagrees with me so give it a chance and let me know what you think. Maybe by then I'll be over this book slump I'm in and I will feel differently about it.
SEAL of Honor - Tonya Burrows I really wanted to give this book 3 stars, but I just can't bring myself to do it. It has potential, but is just fell so short of achieving greatness. Everything, and I do mean everything in this book feels so rushed, and yet the book manages to seem so long.

The idea that someone like Gabe would very impulsively get on a plane with a bunch of untrained strangers to go into a highly dangerous situation is so unlikely and out of character that I was regreting my purchase right away, but not nearly as much as when I met Audrey. OMG!!! Can this stupid bitch be more annoying! I found her to be a complete idiot and could never imagine a man like Gabe thinking her anything other than an inconvenience. She has no common sence what so ever, and by the middle of the book I was hoping she would get hit by a stray bullet or something.

The rest of the characters were just as questionable. Individually some could hold their own, were a little likeable and might have spiked my interest a little, but not enough to read the next book. Together they were one big mess. I don't have to much to say about Gabe, other than he fell in love with Audrey which lowers my opinion of him, but even if he hadn't he still wouldn't make it on my OMG I WISH HE WAS REAL list. A little boring, none of the super hot sexiness, dominating, brooding, lethal characteristics I expect from a SEAL. And if all this wasn't bad enough, this book has some of the tamest, lamest sex scenes I've read in a long time, probably since middle school.

All in all it was just a big mess. Everything and everyone had a little potential, but nothing developed correctly. Don't understand all of the great reviews it has. It makes me wonder what they've been reading if they consider this worthy of 4 or 5 stars. For those of you who did, email me, we need to talk so I can point you in the right direction ;)
Provoked (Dark Protectors, #5) - Rebecca Zanetti So, let me start by saying that I am officially obsessed with this series. I absolutely love paranormal romance, but I read so much that it has become really hard to find anything new (to me), that captures my attention or leaves me obsessing over the next release. I have become a little selective about trying new series because I refuse to read anything where an entire series is about the same character. I know, I'm weird that way. I have some that I follow because I started reading them before I knew better, and don't get me wrong, I absolutely love them, but I just feel like I never get any real satisfaction. I just don't have the patience for it anymore. There is nothing worse than finishing a book and feeling no closure, or that you went so far and still got nowhere. Which leaves me to pass on A LOT of books. I also have the book cover syndrome. It's a very serious and nasty condition that leads me to overlook absolutely incredible books because the book covers suck :( I know, it's horrible!!! I'm seeking treatment. Anyway, I got so lucky this time. I read the first book a few months ago and immediately knew I'd struck gold. I didn't write reviews for the rest of the books because, well, I rarely do, I repeat, I read sooo much, but at this point I decided recognition must be given. These books are FANTASTIC! And only promise to get better. I am anxiously awaiting the next ones.
Jet (Marked Men, #2) - Jay Crownover Well, I was extremely excited about this book. I absolutely LOVED Rule and the release date for Jet couldn't get here fast enough. Unfortunately, it was a little bit of a letdown :( I didn't really feel the intense connection I got with Rule and Shaw between Ayden and Jet. I felt no chemistry, and it made it all a little blah. I didn't really get Ayden at all. I understood what JC was trying to do but considering the rest of the characters in the book are pierced, tattooed whores with completely fucked up life stories, it didn't make any sense, and the mafia and brother thing felt fake and forced. The entire book just felt very disconnected and well, just dumb. However, I did love Jet and really loved Rowdy. I can't wait to read more about him.

The book is by no means garbage. My low rating has more to do with my expectations than anything else. If this was any other book I would maybe have given it 3 stars, but I really expected so much more. Keeping my fingers crossed for Rome :)
Extreme Love - Abby Niles Let me start by saying that I would have rated it 3 stars, but I really didn't like Caitlyn.

The book is ok. My problem with it is that I found it very bla. I don't have strong feelings for it one way or another. I found the title and the cover a little misleading since there is nothing extreme about it. Not the sex or the language or the action. Look at this, even my review is boring. Usually I have exclamation marks and witty coments all over the place, wether it's bacause I'm pissed or excited. Not this time. Everything was lacking something...... personality, emotion, attitude.
Real - Katy Evans Okay, I don't think I could hate and love this story more. I couldn't stop reading it, but mostly because of the anticipation. I kept waiting for.... something. And waiting and waiting. And by the end that something still hadn't happened, or maybe it just didn't happen the way I thought it would. But (and this is not all that uncommon for me since my preference is fantasy and I think everyone is a mythical creature) the absolute entire book I kept waiting for him to turn into a werewolf! I mean, all the signs were there, every single one. I kept thinking okay, this is it, and then nothing. And since he didn't turn into a werewolf it just made him look demented. It was too much to be considered sexy. More than anything though, I really, really didn't like the over the top godly way Brooke viewed Remy. It was way, way, way too much. I get it, he's hot and sexy and rich and famous, but give me a fuckin break!!!!! Honestly after the first few chapters, I was ready to quit because my gag reflex was so out of control I didn't think I could take anymore. I mean, she was a professional athlete, she's beautiful, smart, has everything going for her. I understand that he's gorgeous and everything, but get real!

Overall I really enjoyed it though. When you start reading it makes you feel like your in for a treat. It's definitely not a slow starter. You should definitely read it.


After my not so stellar review that did not at all reflect my 4 stars, I felt the need to explain. This is why I prefer to wait a few days before I write a review, emotions are high and I completely overlook the big picture. I loved the book. 4 stars for me is very high since I rarely give 5 stars and usually give 3 stars for books I enjoyed. So anyway, my point is, don't listen to all the crap I wrote first. I was pissed off and annoyed and had just finished reading the book in one sitting because yes, it's that good and focused on all of the shit I wrote on top. Read it and find out for yourself.
Thrown by a Curve - Jaci Burton Is it just me or is this not the most borring book ever?I haven't finished it yet, and that right says a lot. I LOVE the series and love, love, love Jaci, but this is kuraizy! At this point I don't even care what happens, I just want it to be over. I mean, I'm on page 220 of 267 and I can honestly tell you that if you were to read the first chapter and jump to this point you wouldnt have missed thing. I'm having really bad luck with books this month :-( Definitely don't recommend buying it. $10 ??? What??? If you still want to read it, borrow it or get it from your library.

Sorry for any grammar or spelling errors. It's one in the morning and I'm sitting in bed in the dark typing this out on my phone.
Beauty Awakened - Gena Showalter CAUTION!!!!

What to say? I feel very conflicted about my review. It feels wrong to be writing this but.... WTH! I was hoping Last Kiss Goodnight was an exception, but I guess not. It felt like Sunday church school. I've deleted this sentence like 10 times because I just don't know how to continue without being harsh, but I think GS might be at a point where she is going to be acquiring a completely different kind of reader and saying goodbye to her old ones (you know, the ones that obsessed, laughed, cried and set reminders on their phones for her release dates? ya, those.) I gave her last book 3 stars because I couldn't bring myself to rate her any lower. It just felt wrong. But now I'm just so upset :( I think, to new GS readers, this book is perfectly adequate and if it was a Young Adult book, it would have been great. But for me it was a complete let down. She just jumped off my purchase list. I'm not quitting her, but I will definitely be getting her books from the library from now on. I read 331 pages of Young Adult at best, Christian Fantasy Romance easily, at worst, but definitely not what I thought I purchased. Not making that mistake again. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, but fool me three times? Oh no no no!

I have extremely low expectations for the following books, and don't even want to think about what she's going to do to the Lords. It's really quite tragic, I feel like crying just thinking about it. The worst part is that I don’t mind her new PG-13 way so much…….. well, okay fine, I do mind it, a lot actually, but I could live with it if it meant having her in my life. It’s the overkill that REALLY bothers me. I don’t even nag to my kids this much. I mean WOW! It felt like a really draining therapy session, or a visit to my mother in laws. The moral lessons should definitely be kept to a minimum. Less is more is a good rule to follow in this case.

With that said and all kidding aside, I actually feel really sad and let down at this new turn in her writing. I look forward to her books sooooo much, and to be left with this feeling of dissatisfaction is a real bummer. I always read her books on the release day, usually in one sitting and right away get on the phone to let everyone know how good it was, what to expect and give away spoilers to those who want them. I read it two days ago and haven’t called anyone. I’m always so excited and can’t wait to talk to someone about it. I feel no excitement at all. How sad is that 
Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren LOVED IT! Just got it this morning and already read it. It was great. Can't wait for the next one.
Last Kiss Goodnight  - Gena Showalter Here goes... While there seems to be a lot of negative reviews about this book, and mine is not going to be all that positive, I still highly recommend this book. I'm hoping this was a once in a lifetime kind of thing. A lapse in judgement. A temporary condition that impared the left side of her brain. Her muse on vacation. A brain fart. Just, anything temporary.

I am a HUGE fan of GS. HUGE! While I love some books more than others, I don't dislike any, and I don't dislike this one. It's just... I feel (long thoughtful moment) a little cheated. It was missing everything that makes her better than most authors in her genre. Where's the sex!!! Where's the humor and the sarcasm and the wit that ususally covers every page of her books!!! I want it damn it!!! I neeeeeed it!!! It's the reason I devour her books over and over. I think this should have been released as a YA book. It was very PG13, which is not a bad thing but I would have liked to know it in advance because while I read some YA, I am very selective, more so when it comes to purchasing them. I have some other issues with the book, but nothing she does can be bad. From another author as a YA book my rating and review would have been different. But she's not another author. She's Gena Showalter, she has made my expectations of her something more.

With that said, read the book. Don't give up on her! She has given us many, many wonderful books, and honestly people, she can't be an absolute genious all the time. I forget sometimes too, but she is human you know (right??). Yes, yes she is, I'm almost positive. Anyway, suck it up and get ready for Beauty Awakened 2/26. It's going to be everything she has made us come to expect of her and we are going to pretend this never happened. Understand!!! Good :)
Run the Risk  - Lori Foster Come on people, admit it! You know you loved the book. Authors like Lori don't have it easy. The better they are the more we expect, and it gets to the point where we are not judging their work fairly. Run the Risk was really good. I knew it would be hard for anything that followed Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor, especially the Perfect Storm (swear to God I've read it at least 20 times). And I was right, but that doesn't change the fact that the book was really good. I really enjoyed it and it made me extremely curious about the next books, specifically Rowdys. Another hit!!!
Never Seduce a Scot - Maya Banks What is there to say? It was exactly what I expected.......... Fabulous!!! Couldn't put it down.
Reflected in You  - Sylvia Day So.... I'm really torn about my review. I couldn't put down this book and so I really wanted to give it 5 stars just for that, but found it so unsatisfying I also wanted to give it 2, so I settled for 3.

I preordered this book a while ago because I LOVED Bared To You. I read this one yesterday and decided I should sleep on it before I wrote my review. I really, really love the series. But...God Eva gets on my nerves!!!! I had a problem with her in the first book, not because she's needy or clingy or insecure to an extreme, I can deal with all of those. I didn't even mind that she was such a drama queen. What bothered me to the point of almost disliking her is that she never used those opportunities to make a point and instead stopped mid argument to have sex. WHO DOES THAT!!! You have sex after you point out how your right and he's wrong and he agrees and not a second before!!!!!!!! In Reflected In You it's a million times worst, there is NEVER any resolution to their arguments. I also didn't like that Gideon is the only one who knows what's going on in this book, and he's not telling. I had no idea what the hell was going on with Gideon the entire book which drove me insane. I LOVE Gideon, even if he was an ass in this book but he didn't bother me as much as Eva putting up with his shit.

I know this sounds like a very negative review and I'm sorry, I'm just venting. I actually think it's a must read because I still have high hopes for the final book coming out December 31 - ENTWINED WITH YOU.
The Mighty Storm (The Storm, #1) - Samantha Towle I'm going to keep it short and just say that you have to read this book. I LOVE Jake!!! And although Tru was annoying me for a minute, she didn't cross the line. It’s a fantastic book.